ISIL, Terror, Islamism and Waleed Aly

A letter to Mr. Waleed Aly and his many followers,
I find myself in a minority on two fronts:
1) I did not share your speech on Facebook.
2) I don’t agree with everything in it.

Playing the role of Devil’s Advocate I will raise my objections. First, regardless of whether ISIL are strong or weak and regardless of whether they are directly responsible for the Paris attacks, we still have a problem and it is not Pauline Hanson as you are suggesting. I believe it to be ‘Militant Islamism’ or the proposed spread of a certain brand of Islam. Those who seek to spread this are making things very difficult for the many Australians who are blaming their Muslim fellow nationals. This is a mistake. It is also a mistake to label those who are doing the blaming as the cause. The cause is a dangerous interpretation of the Koran, among other things. It is becoming all too familiar to hear the chants of ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is Great), as non-conformists are murdered on mass, basically every day.
If when you are asking for no more hate, you are referring to things like “Fuck of Muslims, we don’t want you in Australia”, then I wholeheartedly agree. I am not advocating Reclaim Australia or White Australia or any form of racism. I am advocating the opinions that I hope will one day lead to the coming of fruition of John Lennon’s great words, imagine there’s no heaven, no hell beneath us, all the people living for the day and no religion too. I realise that this is a very long way from happening. However it is on its way and part of the work being done is by Maajid Nawaz and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, among others who are trying to bring about a reform of Islam. This social movement can truly lift Islam completely out of the barbarisms of the Middle East. A world with no ISIL. This would be a great thing for all good Muslims, and yes the majority are good.
However if you are seeking to sensor any opinion contrary to “Islam is a Religion of Peace” and “Islam has no problems and should under no circumstances be questioned or criticised”, then we have a problem. We have a wall put up, which insulates Islam from criticism and renders any reformation impossible. This reformation cannot be achieved by any person of non-Muslim background. It has to come from within Islam. People like Waleed are vital in achieving this truly peaceful and modern Islam. Waleed’s refusal to acknowledge this problem is sadly either ignorant or a lie.
I’ll let Mr Bean summarise for those who refuse to read:bean


The elephant needs to be discussed

What if Religion and Faith do actually contribute to a great deal of the conflict now and in the past ? Well, given the current state of taboo on the subject, it is quite likely that this violent trend would continue. Take into account the advances in technology and weapons, how long will it be before things could get really bad. I am not saying they aren’t already bad, it’s just that no one takes any notice of most of what happens overseas, and even if it does make the news it is only brief and brushed over. The strength of peoples faith in their god, pits them against those who worship others. Islam v Christianity. Islam v Judaism and Christianity v Judaism. Even though it is all the same god, these religions do oppose one another and renounce the divinity of each others prophets. Which to me seems like just another reason to fight, surely the fact that we already have race and skin colour should be enough. Why cling to these ancient contradicting texts ? Why does no news service, no current affairs show ever even raise the question, does religion cause problems ? Is it the origin ? Does Islamic State, maybe just maybe have something to do with Islam ? No, of course not.

It’s silly and we need to start questioning religions role in war, terrorism, irrationality, conflict and human stupidity. If we can’t ask the questions, we will never get the answers. And if it turns out that Religion does cause some of the evil things happening in the middle east and abroad, we will never find a way to remedy them because we are all so scared of saying anything that might offend someone.